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Some find enjoyment collecting stamps. Bass ass rock-n-rollers collect vintage concert shirts!

So you want to add to your vintage concert shirt collection or start one? Here are some tips on buying:

  1. Make sure your shirt is a REAL vintage concert shirt In the 70s and 80s, people sold knock-off shirts in parking lots of events at reduced prices. Currently, large chains and boutique shops are making reproductions of old concert shirts (AC/DC and Rolling Stones shirts are among the more popular ones). So:
    • Check for a trademark. Most, although NOT ALL authentic concert shirts have trademark information on the front or back near the artwork.
    • Check the tag. Real vintage shirts have old looking tags. Beware if a tag is missing. Although authentic concert shirts have been known to loose their tags due to years of wear, scammers have also been known to remove tags from new shirts to make them look old.


  2. Check the condition of your shirt
    • Are there holes, tears or stains?
    • Has the shirt been cut or altered? Removing sleeves or cutting the shirt was the style for rockers in the 1980s.
    • Has the shirt's collar or base been stretched out?
    • Has it shrunk in an unusual way?

  3. Check the size of your shirt
    Although vintage concert shirts are generally for collecting only, it can be pretty darn cool lto wear them out and about. If having the shirt fit is important to you:
    • Don't go by the size stated on the tag. Older T-shirts are generally smaller than today's shirts, and all shirts shrink when they are washed. Although most sellers will offer this information, always make sure to get the accurate measurement of shirt, A) from armpit to armpit, and B) straight down the front.

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